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How and Why to Frame Artwork Archivally (Even if it Costs More)

The PADA November blog features an article contributed by Augen Gallery.

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” -Leonardo da Vinci

Sometimes it seems a frame is like a vise around an artwork, forcing it into a finished state with shapes and colors and textures foreign to it. But then again, sometimes a great frame can undeniably add to an artwork’s impact. A great frame can offer positives like boundaries, protection, and enhancement; it can act as a decorative bridge to the environment the artwork lives in. And sometimes most importantly, it can protect the artwork’s impact and value for decades to come. Making the best framing choices starts with an overview of the broad range of framing materials and styles, herewith, some thoughts on frames and framing. Be sure to consult a PADA member gallery with any specific framing questions or requests you may have.

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