Augen Gallery

Warhol. Hockney. Stella. Think these kinds of names are out of reach for your collection? Think again. Augen Gallery specializes in prints, an exciting and affordable medium with a rich and dynamic history. Whether you’re looking for an excellent regional offering or a post-1945 heavy-hitter, owner/director Bob Kochs will find you the acquisition of your dreams. The gallery even does their own in-house framing, so you can hang a new piece on your wall as soon as you get it home!  In addition to a fantastic array of master prints, Augen Gallery also offers prints, paintings, and photographs from its acclaimed and accomplished represented artists, and a rotating inventory of everything from medieval images to classic Chagalls. Stop by Tuesday through Saturday for exhibitions that feature solo artists and impressive surveys organized by movement, at a new location in the Desoto Arts Building (a great First Thursday hub!). Augen Gallery’s other location on SW 2nd Street is open Thursday through Saturday and houses the gallery’s custom frame shop and additional exhibition space. Both locations are also open by appointment, so make a date today!

Augen Gallery Home Page

Augen Gallery at PADA

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