Butters Gallery, LTD

Founded in 1988, Butters Gallery is an Oregon family owned and operated gallery. Jeffrey Butters, Director and Curator, Kristina Butters, Art Consultant and David Butters, General Manager represent and work with over 60 artists. The gallery shows work in all mediums by artists recognized on the national level. Every month, the enormous 5,000 sq ft space on NW 5th and Davis houses multiple exhibitions, both solo efforts and curated group shows.

Butters Gallery, Ltd. has lived here for over a decade, but has also occupied space in the old Buddhist Temple building in the Pearl District, the Pacwest Center, Pioneer Square and the Galleria in the past. The choice of what artists they bring on is also a family consensus. Kristina got her degree in gallery management at the University of Oregon and Jeffrey went to the Pacific Northwest College of Art, so itʼs a consensus of trained eyes, looking for a combination of unique vision, technical skill and consistency that points to a fresh, fruitful career. Though they are most known for abstract painting, the Butters family brings in all kinds of paintings and art objects from national, international and regional sources. If ceramics are your thing, you cannot miss the Butters gallery collection: some 500 pieces, now almost half sold, consigned by the estate of a family friend and avid collector. This huge and diverse array of pieces is rotated through display on a monthly basis, so thereʼs always something new to fall in love with. Itʼs a perfect solution for the art lover who is low on open wall space! The Butters family prides themselves on their welcoming spirit and commitment to customer service, so stop by and let them take care of you soon!

Butters Gallery, Ltd Home Page

Butters Gallery, Ltd  at PADA

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