Elizabeth Leach Gallery

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Elizabeth Leach Gallery, which will be celebrated with a plethora of group shows and curated exhibitions around themes significant to the gallery’s past, present, and future.  Located in a 4,000 square-foot interior by local design luminary Randy Higgins, Elizabeth Leach Gallery presents regional artwork in an international context, showcasing stellar contemporary fine art that stimulates, transforms, and explores significant and sometimes surprising relationships between artists, forms, and concepts. Leach’s background is in art history, and it shows. Additionally, her position on the board of the Pacific Northwest College of Art indicates her commitment to fostering the emerging forces in the art world as well as celebrating the rich history of the discipline. Portland-raised, New York-based light artist Hap Tivey‘s permanent mixed media installation “Light on the Horizon” is a dynamic example of the gallery’s reach and scope and an unmissable feature in the neighborhood cultural landscape. Be sure to look for it during your next First Thursday excursion!

Elizabeth Leach Gallery Home Page

Elizabeth Leach Gallery at PADA

Elizabeth Leach Gallery on Yelp

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